Hybrid Classroom Delivery

I was asked by CollegeOnline to speak about my thoughts on the future of online learning and ideas surrounding the hybrid classroom. It was a pleasure to offer up my experiences so far and where I think it’s heading. I’m excited to see hybrid learning models become the norm and more traditional route for new program offerings. With more and more individuals entering the higher education system, we need an approach to accommodate a variety of learning and scheduling needs. We can create engaging, interactive course material in the asynchronous environment, but faculty and students need to come together regularly to make that material come alive and bridge the communication gap that sometimes results in the world of online education. The ‘flipped classroom’ will continue to grow and I think we will see more colleges and universities move to increase their online offerings through lecture capture technology. This allows for students across the country and the world collaborate and learn from one another. It’s an exciting time in the world of online education and higher education, I’m thrilled to be a part of it!

Ah, and my last tidbits included my two favorite pieces of equipment — a headset and webcam, two things a great online faculty member can’t live without!

Where do you see hybrid learning going? What are you currently working on at your institution to reach online students more effectively? I love to bounce ideas off colleagues. Let’s chat!


About Heather Zink

searching for the right balance between face2face & online instruction -- manager of hybrid classroom initiatives at Rasmussen College
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