Spring 2012 Faculty Development Week: Live Lecture Training

This quarter I’m serving more as a presenter during our week of faculty development as opposed to a participant. I have frequently presented sessions in the past, but this quarter there is a specific purpose and goal behind my presentations — to prepare online faculty to deliver engaging and interactive live lecture presentations to students during the Summer 2012 Live Lecture Series. We are currently running the required live lecture component in 8 high enrollment courses and looking to grow this each quarter. With a solid plan in place for summer, I’m excited for the quarter to begin next week.

I thought it was best to share my presentation materials here, in addition to archived presentations once they are available. Faculty can return to the presentation for reference at any point, in addition to download the slides for quick reference as they create their own live sessions.

Wimba 1.0: Basic Training for Engaging Participants in the Wimba Live Classroom slides here

Wimba 2.0: Creating Content to Engage Students in Wimba Live Classroom slides here

As I transition into my new role as the Hybrid Classroom Manager, I get excited at the potential for flexible learning environments within our courses. We have a lot of great innovative teaching practices already infused within the Rasmussen culture, I’m proud to work with our faculty and spread these intitiatives throughout the system. Feel free to leave me any comments or feedback on the presentations in response to this post.

Enjoy the week!!


About Heather Zink

searching for the right balance between face2face & online instruction -- manager of hybrid classroom initiatives at Rasmussen College
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