Improving Online Student Engagement through Synchronous Learning Sessions

Do you see a trend in the last few posts?

I’m talking to a lot of folks about the required synchronous learning sessions we’re doing at Rasmussen. They have been highly successful in improving student success in Q1/Q2 higher volume classes. Being able to bring online students together in a virtual classroom experience provides them a unique opportunity to make connections with each other and with faculty teaching the course.

I’m talking with the faculty at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts on Thursday in how they can use virtual class sessions to connect with their own students. I’m again using the blog to share the information with this group. I’ll be presenting using their Adobe Connect platform, with it actually being only my second time using this platform as a presenter. I have the most experience using Wimba Live Classroom, but I’m enjoying the evaluation of other tools to suit course-specific needs. Adobe has a great set of interaction tools, really robust and sophisticated technology, in my opinion (though I’m only a microbiologist turned teacher turned teacher of teachers — so don’t quote that or anything).

In the presentation, I’m using a deck of PowerPoint slides — linked here through SlideShare, and displayed below.

I’m also sharing a few weblinks related directly to the presentation, helping the faculty to understand the variety of learning activities & opportunities available while in a virtual synchronous session. The weblinks are included below:

I hope that the faculty will enjoy the presentation and consider adding some of the elements I shared into their own virtual presentations with students. One more link to the video podcast I created for students in my Medical Terminology course last term — M120 Video Podcast — these are the archived versions of our live lectures each week. Students can subscribe to the feed and get new episodes downloaded to the mobile device every week — they can take me with them! I know most are not as excited about that as me, but podcasting is one of the greatest learning tools for online students. More on that in future posts….

Have a fantastic day!!


About Heather Zink

searching for the right balance between face2face & online instruction -- manager of hybrid classroom initiatives at Rasmussen College
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