Online+ is ready for SLOAN-C

As usual, I’m using the blog to post about my next conference — this year it’s the SLOAN-C Blended Learning Conference in Denver, CO. I’m really pumped as it will be my first time attending this event.

It is also my first time presenting with new colleagues – Jennifer Ayotte (Dean for the School of Design, Rasmussen College) & Matthew Otremba (Director, Professional Development & Training, Rasmussen College). We are sharing the framework we use to select, design, and deliver hybrid online courses, Online+ courses specifically. We use the term Online+ as these are online courses with a live classroom component included as part of the curriculum in the course. Some of the courses have weekly live classes, others are placed at specific points in the course. We use the hybrid framework (outlined in the slide deck below) to select courses based on the student outcomes, being thoughtful about the learning environment for a given outcome — synchronous or asynchronous.

SLOAN-C Effective Practice – Online+: A standards-based approach to hybrid learning

You can find out more about Online+ and our standards-based approach to hybrid course development through SLOAN-C Effective Practices. We were 1 of 3 institutions to be selected as recipients recipients of SLOAN-C’s Blended Learning Effective Practice Awards, which “recognize effective techniques, strategies and practices in online education.” I worked with Kathe Kacheroski, Rasmussen’s Assistant VP of Academic Affairs, Program Leadership, to construct this framework as the basis for our hybrid course delivery. We are honored to be recognized by SLOAN-C for this method, and excited to share it at the conference in July!


About Heather Zink

searching for the right balance between face2face & online instruction -- manager of hybrid classroom initiatives at Rasmussen College
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