After spending 7 years in health care working in the clinical lab, I needed a new path. Jumping into the education realm seemed like a logical fit with my passion for the field. I soon realized after a few residential classes and the new world of online teaching (back in 2007) that I had found my calling. I loved engaging with the students and finding ways to really connect their educational experiences to their future career. Meeting with them in a live virtual classroom allowed me to establish a personal connection to them and integrate a much-needed human element into my online courses. Podcasting allowed me to reach them through voice instruction at a time most convenient for them, and on-the-go!

After seeing success with these strategies in my own classroom, I started working with faculty to assist in their efforts to integrate various voice tools and mobile teaching strategies to reach online students. This partnership stemmed into a new role with Rasmussen as the Hybrid Classroom Manager. I split my time between faculty training initiatives and work with School Deans in an effort to create a blended learning environment focused on student outcomes. I sit in the Office of Curriculum & Instruction in an effort to serve all areas of the organizations.

My professional interests lie finding the right mix of face2face (whether on-campus or through a webcam) and online instructional activities to create an optimal learning environment for a given course. I truly love my job!


  • Masters of Health Administration, St. Joseph’s University, 2012
  • B.S., Medical Technology, Ohio Northern University, 2003
  • B.S., Biology, Ohio Northern University, 2002



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